Audio/Video Calibration

Did you know you can expect over a fifty percent improvement in your Audio Sound Stage or in your Video Display by having your system professionally calibrated. Avenue Sound is proud to have Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA), Imaging Sciences Foundation (ISF), THX and Professional Video Alliance (PVA) Certified Calibrators as a part of our organization. We do not just install our solutions, but professionally calibrate each and every integration. Even if you have existing Audio/Video integrations which you feel are not performing to their maximum potential, contact Avenue Sound to learn how we can help you take your set up to the next level.

Dedicated Home Cinema

At Avenue Sound, Every Detail Matters. From the design stage to the final installation and calibration we ensure every part of your Dedicated Cinema is to industry standars and specifications. Create up to thirty two channel immersive audio experiences in your home cinematic experienc which support the latest audio codecs such as Dolby Atmos, Aura 3D, DTS X and video codecs such as Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced. Avenue Sound creates experiences which allow you to feel immersed in the audio and be visually entertained to reproduce each aspect of the visuals exactly to the director’s vision for the film.

Media Rooms

Speaker Technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. Gone are the days where you have to place large speakers and overcrowd a room to achieve high fidelity audio. Full range immersive audio can be easily incorporated into a media space using architectural speakers and subwoofers. Take a look at some of the existing media rooms Avenue Sound designed in our projects section or click here to learn more about creating a media space to meet your requirements.

Audio/Video Automation

Control all your AV devices with a single remote control of stream your favorite music to any room in your residence. Automation of your AV Solutions makes controlling your Audio or Video in any room a simple process usually controlled by the press of a single button. No more having to worry about which input to set your device to or finding which remote controls what. Learn more on how Avenue Sound can create a customized solution to simplify control of all your AV and Entertainment.

HiFi Audio

HiFi Systems which deliver the highest quality audio all have one thing in common, the sound reproduction makes you feel as though you are experiencing the audio live.

Avenue Sound helps ensure you have placed your speakers correctly, chosen the best cables to enhance your experience and the acoustics of the room have been treated to deliver the most accurate sound stage for your space.

Click to learn more about 2 Channel HiFi Solutions Avenue Sound can integrate for your space.