Dedicated Home Cinema

Creating jaw-dropping cinematic experiences with high-resolution audio and stunning visuals has been a passion for Avenue Sound for over ten years. We specialize in multi-channel and immersive sound experiences with Dolby Atmos, DTS X or Aura 3D formats along ith Full HD or 4K  visual solutions.

Multi-Zone Audio Video

We are experts at creating multi-zone environments where sources such as Airplay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, AM/FM or even the sports match can be hear no matter where in the house you want to listen to it. Have multiple users who want to listen to different content in different locations? Avenue Sound also offers Multi-Zone, Multi Source solutions which allow different content to be played independently in different rooms with just the touch of a button.

Media Room

One of the best tests of a great surround sound experience is receiving a complete sense of envelopment, where you feel you are a part of the movie, not just watching it. Whether you have an existing surround sound system or are looking to design a new space, let Avenue Sound help you design the soundstage from start to finish.

Hifi Audio

HiFi Systems which deliver the highest quality audio all have one thing in common, the sound reproduction manages to make you feel as though you are experiencing the audio live. Avenue Sound helps you ensure you the correct speaker placement and make sure the acoustics of your room have been treated to deliver the most accurate sound stage for your space.

Audio Video Calibration

When our engineers attended the Home Acoustics Alliance and Imaging Sciences Foundation Training programs, we were exposed to audio and video calibration techniques using sophisticated tools which delivered jaw dropping visuals and the ultimate soundstage far superior to even movie cinema halls.

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