Don’t miss out on convenience, safety and luxury even during your weekend get away! A smart home makes things easier for you when you wish to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday. For both vacation homes and holiday rentals, Home Automation does increases the value to your home. Take a look at these 4 home automation tips for a holiday home.

Security system

Don’t be sorry, be safe! There is nothing worse than worrying about the safety of your property while you’re away. Security plays an important role for any home especially one that is unoccupied most  of the time. Installing a smart security system will help you keep a watch on your holiday home even when you’re not around. In case you would like someone to check in on your home,  you can access locks with the help of you smart devices. Users can be added and deleted as and when you like. You can also get records of visitors who show up at your door step and communicate with them from miles away. 

Smart water sensors

No vacationer would want to enter a flooded holiday home. Certain areas can be prone to flooding especially if adequate drainage facilitates are not available. If you live far away, it may not be possible to keep a check on your property. Technology is becoming an inevitable part of everyone’s life. A smart water sensor can be placed in such areas in order to prevent flooding and damage caused by water. Adding a water leak detector will also help to reduce damage caused by water leaks. Get instantly notified in case of a mishap so that you can take necessary action.

Smart thermostats and lightings

Entering a warm home after a long journey is not what most people would want. Similarly, in case of chilly areas one would want to enter a well heated home. Taking into consideration the weather, smart thermostats can help set the perfect temperature. Similarly, smart lighting makes sure you always enter a well-lit home. Moreover an unexpected spike in your bill is no more a worry. Thermostats and lights can be turned off as soon as you leave home hence preventing wastage of energy.     

Home Automation tips for a holiday home
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Outdoor home theatre and audio

What could be better than sitting in the backyard in the morning and enjoying your favorite tunes? Or enjoying a lazy movie night outdoors with friends and family?  Pools, balcony’s and backyards can sometimes be technology neglected spaces. However, today with advancements in audio video devices  you can now take comfort and enjoyment outdoors. Take a look at one of our recent projects in which Avenue Sound India adds an outdoor home theatre and multi zone audio for a prime beach front property in Alibaug.

Outdoor speakers
Outdoor speakers