With the revolution of automation, it was only a matter of time before the Internet of Things extended its reach into the bathroom. The rising awareness about climate change and the need for water conservation, has led to rise of the smart bathroom. Take a look at these smart bathroom devices, some of most innovative technology available.

Smart Bathroom Devices

1. U by Moen

This an automated shower console, with an attractive interface that controls the temperature and water intensity of your shower. It can be linked to your smart phone and sends notifications when the water has reached desired temperature.

Smart Bathroom Devices

2. Techo- Autowater

Tech Auto-water is a faucet adapter that can be attached to any of your existing taps with a connector. It has sensors that enables touch free functioning of the taps, modifying temperatures, sensor activated soap dispensers and motion activated LED lights for night time usage. The no- touch feature does make it more sanitary and reduces water consumption.

Moxie Kohler Speaker showerhead

3. Moxie Kohler Speaker showerhead

The Kohler showerhead comes with a magnetic attached Moxie wireless Bluetooth speaker, which is water proof and rechargeable. Its also detachable and portable so it can be used in any other room as well.

Oclean Air: The electrical toothbrush

4. Oclean Air: The electrical toothbrush
This smart toothbrush is chargeable, with a great battery life. It links to a smart phone app that helps to customize your brushing experience (patterns and intensity) based on age, gender, tooth condition and diet.

Smart bathroom devices

5. Numi Kohler Toilet
Kohler has come up with many ideas for the smart bathroom, but the Numi toilet is possible the most ingenious. The Numi toilet provides a heated seat , a foot warmer , hands free control (either by voice command, through the Kohler Konnect app , or via remote), sensor based auto flush , as well as ambient lighting for night trips to the bathroom and inbuilt wireless blue tooth speakers that can be connected to Alexa and links to your smart phone. It is also water efficient.

Smart bathroom devices

6. The Water Pebble
Many smart bathroom devices have been built around the need to conserve water. This palm-sized pebble takes the guesswork out of water conservation by tracking how much water you use in your shower. Once you’ve programmed this pebble, it signals a yellow light at your half-shower mark and flashes red when it’s time to turn off the faucet. The real genius is that the pebble incrementally shortens its suggested stop time, training you over weeks to use water wisely.