From a spare room to a Dedicated Home Cinema
A spare bedroom turns into a dedicated home cinema


We love challenges at Avenue Sound. So when a client approached us to convert a spare bedroom into a dedicated home cinema, we made sure to seize the opportunity in spite of having a plethora of acoustical challenges. In this case, the home owners gave us complete freedom to ensure that our common goal was met, “The Ultimate Cinematic Experience”. 

Screen Innovations 80

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The single row of seating in turn, fueled our speaker design of a 5.2.4 Surround Sound system. Front and Side channels along with two subwoofers on the front wall completed the main sound stage while four ceiling Atmos speakers enveloped the listener from above. Since a lot of new content is available through streaming services such as Netflix, Apple Movies and Amazon Prime in 4K, we suggested our clients to invest in a Native 4K  projector. 

Screen Innovations 80


As mentioned earlier, this project had many acoustical challenges which needed to be overcome to reach the ultimate experience we were intent on delivering. The biggest glaring challenge was the full wall windows. Should we address them with window coverings which will absorb or completely pack them off? We chose to pack them off but create an openable door on one side which would blend with the acoustic treatment in case access is required to the windows in the future. 

Dedicated Home Cinema


After proposing several design options for the lighting for the room to our clients, finally a modern design consisting of LED Strip lights and LED Spotlights was finalized. Hidden inside the acoustically  transparent fabric would be Strip Lighting on the side and rear walls along with Foot Lights for the flooring and Warm White Spotlights for the ceiling. In order to create a sense of ambiance and set the mood we ensured the lights on the walls and in the flooring were of blue color.


Home Automation

We chose to add lighting automation using a wireless solution which would allow our customers to use their manual switches but also allow the automation system to control the lighting during specific scenes and events. An IR cable was run to the Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro which was programmed to come on with whenever the Blue Lights in the room were turned on. As a result, an entire scene is created using the Screen Back light, LED Strip Lights and Flooring LEDs to come on and off together.

Screen Innovations 80’’ Zero Edge Pro

Final Verdict

Our initial goal of creating the “Ultimate Cinematic Experience” for our clients was more than accomplished. After completing a HAA Power Calibration and ISF Video Calibration for the system, when we first sat our clients down for a demo, they were completely blown away. To conclude, this was one of the best sounding Dedicated Home Cinema room we have been able to create for any clients so far. We were able to mitigate the acoustical challenges through proper design, careful execution, and using the best products the budget would allow for.

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