Even though 4K TV’s have been available in the market for quite some time now, there hasn’t been enough 4K quality to enjoy on 4K TV. Users have been forced to watch 1080p content getting upscale to 4K.. Thanks to Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick viewers can stream 4K content such as Netflix and Amazon Prime directly online with the simple plug and play.

Amazon’s new Fire TV stick comes with Quad-core 1.7Ghz processor and 8gb of storage. The new Fire TV stick gives you access to levels of picture and sound quality you may not have experienced via an online service before. It is over 80% more powerful than the old Fire TV stick and also supports all current HDR(High Dynamic Range) formats, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. You can enjoy stunning 4K Ultra HD streaming at 60fps and feel scenes come to life with immersive, 3D Dolby Atmos audio when connected to compatible home audio systems.

Amazon Fire TV stick is so easy to setup that you don’t even need a minute. Just plug it to HDMI port of your 4K TV and the provided charger on a wall socket. Register your Amazon account and connect it to WiFi to enjoy the content. Amazon also has Amazon Fire TV app those who want to control everything from their smartphone. Size of the stick lets you take your favourite shows and movies with you in travel. With Alexa, just press and ask for your favourite movies, TV shows, music and apps.

Amazon's Fire TV Stick

Amazon has also redesigned Alexa Voice Remote and uses Bluetooth 5.0 and multi-dimensional infrared technology, allowing it to communicate with a variety of compatible AV equipments and TVs in addition to existing voice command functionality. The new remote now comes with volume, power and mute buttons as well.

You can also use your Fire TV stick to view live camera feeds, control lights, plugs and other smart home devices with your Alexa Voice Remote. Ask Alexa for weather updates or listen to the news. The possibilities are endless!

If you want to buy a dedicated video streamer Amazon’s new Fire TV stick is the most format friendly HDR video streamer currently available in the market.