In an era of constant technological development, any home can be converted into a smart one. Smart devices can be retrofitted in your home without having to make any changes to your electrical system. If you are not sure how to do so, read our article on how to automate your home without tearing up the walls. Various products in your home can be upgraded to smarter ones including switches. Focusing on aesthetics, design and durability, Ekinex smart switches and keypads were built to make life simpler. Their products are perfect not only for homes but also for offices, commercial spaces and more.

Control your smart home using stylish designer Ekinex keypads

  • Stylish and Sleek
  • Easy to use
  • Soft-touch, anti-fingerprint and super matt
  • A wide range of options
  • Easy Installation
  • Energy efficient

Control lighting, shades, music, thermostats and more in style. Ekinex smart switches are a perfect fit for any home. These touch sensitive multi-functional keypads and switches are available in a variety of colours and finishing. We’re sure you will find a perfect match not matter what your style is. You can also customize your keypads. Choose a symbol for each function from the wide library and create your own combination for every room. Buttons, junction points and thermostats can be combined with each other to meet the needs of the user. High resolution touch display and an easy interface provides user comfort and uncompromising aesthetics. Users can switch from one function to the next via side scrolling pages. From there you can access several sub-menus. Brightness can be adjusted manually according to a user’s needs. It can also be adjusted automatically based on the brightness.

Ekinex Smart Switches

Ekinex home automation has a wide range of push buttons, touch-displays and plates. Take a look at some of them below.

Ekinex Smart Switches
4-fold Ekinex KNX push buttons

The LED lights can be chosen in the combinations – Blue/Green or White/Red. These lights can be programmed either to provide status feedback or provide orientation light at night.     

Integrated multi-sensor thermostat
Integrated multi-sensor thermostat
Ekinex Flank switch
Minimal and simple. Flank switch with metal finishing
Ekinex Smart Switches
Intensity of the LED light can be adjusted according to your needs
Integrated multi-sensor thermostat
Integrated multi-sensor thermostat. A single point for heating and cooling
Integrated multi-sensor thermostat
Ekinex room thermostat FF series

The FF series is available in different models with LED lights and two custom keys. It independently regulates the temperature of any room or zones.  Ekinex smart switches can be easily integrated into any home automation system. It can control radiator systems, wall and ceiling panels and fan coil units thus creating an ideal climate at all times.

Ekinex Smart Switches
Clean and simple design

The simplicity of the shapes makes it adaptable to any environment. Ekinex smart switches are a perfect fit for any room in the contemporary home.   

Ekinex Smart Switches
Combine elements and materials to create your perfect device

Four or six channels, square or rectangular, with or without LED lights, with or without temperature and thermostat function. Choose a combination that suits your needs and style.  

Ekinex Smart Switches
Customize your Ekinex buttons

Symbols library can be used to customize switches. In addition to the symbols available on the website, Ekinex offers the possibility to print the icons created or suggested by customers.

Ekinex Smart Switches
choose from a variety of colors and finishing
Avenue Sound Showroom
Ekinex switches at the Avenue Sound showroom, Kemp’s Corner

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