What is Dolby Atmos?

Ever looked up at the ceiling during a movie scene featuring an airplane? With Dolby Atmos, sound moves around you in a three dimensional space bringing cinema to life. A sensation of height makes you feel like you are a part of the movie with a realistic depiction of objects moving around you. Experience everything from dialogue to quite scenes with richness, clarity and depth. Dolby Atmos introduces two important concepts to cinema sound – audio objects and overhead speakers. Sound can be placed in any specific location, isolating individual speakers. Traditional surround soundtracks would deliver audio only from a few angles. However, with Dolby Atmos sound can be freed from channels. Sounds can be treated as specific entities known as audio objects. In order for them to have the best impact, these audio objects can be placed anywhere where the soundtrack creator wishes them to be placed.

Dolby Atmos consists of left, right and center channels that are discrete. Speakers are also placed behind the screen. Here, the speakers are powered independently and each speaker gets its own separate audio feed. Along with overhead speakers, additional surround speakers and screen speakers can also be added.

Enjoy 360 degree surround sound at Home

At home cosy up and enjoy TV shows as well as movies to the fullest. Dolby Atmos combines traditional home theatre speaker layouts with additional speaker positions. You can either use ceiling speakers or Dolby enabled speakers. These speakers can produce overhead sound without being placed on the ceiling. They fire sound up to the ceiling which is then reflected back down as overhead sound. You can also use a Dolby enabled soundbar. Dolby Atmos speakers are available in two versions i.e. Integrated units that include forward-firing speakers and add-on modules. They contain upward firing elements that can be put on your current speakers or on a nearby surface.

There are a variety of Dolby Atmos movies available on video streaming services. They can be streamed using standard Blu-Ray players. Netflix also has a collection of Atmos movies, however they are limited. You will have to set your streaming quality to High or Auto. You will also need a plan that supports ultra HD (4K) streaming. You can then look for the Atmos logo near the description.

Some of the best Dolby movies for your home theatre

  • Deadpool
  • Gravity
  • Ghost busters
  • Avengers
  • La La Land
  • Spider man: Into the Spider-Verse

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