When a Real Estate developer in Dhaka invited us to bid for a Smart Home, Smart Security, Audio/Video and WiFi and Networking Solutions for their upcoming six storey residence in Dhaka, we envisioned a chance to work on a truly challenging integration. With 12 zones of Audio, a Dedicated Cinema Room with a 4K Projector and a 7.2 Surround Sound System, Sixty plus Smart Lighting circuits throughout the Residence, and unique security features which have yet to be integrated within any of our projects, this would be one of the largest projects we had a chance to work on till date.

Dedicated Home Cinema

Audio Video

Our clients really liked to entertain, and audio and video solutions played an important role for their entertainment experiences. Whether it be hosting parties or sitting down with the family to enjoy Movie Night, they wanted entertainment experiences across all six floors of the residence. Our crown jewel in this project was the Dedicated Home Cinema we built for our client on the 3 rd Floor of their residence. Movie Watching, Cinematic Experiences and Online Streaming were huge for every member of the family.

Smart home solutions

Smart Lighting

Across the residence decorative and standard lighting fixtures were wired to a Control4 Smart Lighting Dimmers, Switches and 6 Button Keypads. Rather than maintain a centralized lighting solution the clients preferred running the lighting load directly to a smart wireless Control4 switch or keypad which would always work directly with the lighting load and can continue to be controlled from the smart switch even if the automation system stops working.

Smart Security

Smart Security

As compared to other smart home solutions, security is one of the most important considerations in the smart home. This project was no different. We integrated Lilin Full 1080p HD IP Cameras throughout the exterior of the residence to keep a watch for unwanted intrusions. Certain spaces inside the residence were also outfitted with Lilin 1080p Full HD IP Indoor Dome Cameras. The Doorbird D101 Smart Video Door Phone was integrated at the main entrance so that entrants or visitors easily notified the homeowners even when they were not at home.

Smart home solutions

Smart HVAC

This particular project was one of our first opportunities to work with the CoolMasterNet product by CoolAutomation or complete two-way control of the Daikin VRV HVAC System installed throughout the six storey residence. With the help of the CoolMasterNet we had to simply connect to the outdoor units’ bus of the Daikin VRV System and then connect our CoolMasterNet unit to the IP Network. This allowed our Control4 HC800 Home Automation Controller to communicate with every single A/C inside the residence and easily control each unit both while at home and remotely using the Control4 app.

Smart home solutions

Motorized Window Shadings

A project of this level would not be complete without adding in another key aspect of the smart home… Motorized Window Shadings. Our clients knew that as well and insisted on adding in motorized window shadings to all bedrooms and many of the  entertainment areas throughout the residence. Somfy Glydea motors combined with customized draperies elegantly glided through the air to open and close with ease, at the push of a button, on a schedule, or even as part of a scene.

Audio Solutions

Networking and WiFi

As you can imagine, a project with a lot of smart home solutions, requires a strong and stable network as its backbone. We provisioned the entire network backbone using Engenius Networking Switches and Access Points. For the Access Points we used the Engenius ECB350 and ECB1200 strategically placed throughout the residence for maximum coverage and bandwith. The extremely fast and robust EGS7252FP was used for speed interconnectivity between the local IP devices. On the routing side, we chose the ER-X by Ubiquiti to facilitate all routing duties in the project.

Smart home solutions

Final Verdict

We were able to complete the installation, programming and
calibration for this entire project in 10 days. As a company this project was one which truly raised our confidence to another level. Just knowing you are capable of completing such an extensive project with so many variables and so much customization and so many smart home solutions working in unison, leaves you with a feeling that as a company we have arrived and we can accomplish anything we put our collective minds to.

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