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The owners of this large sprawling Dallas property approached us with one very specific need in mind, Multi-Zone Audio and easier control of their Audio/Video. The owners frequently host guests, and sometimes wanted to listen to their independent music in separate areas at individual volumes. Controlling the Audio/Video also proved to be very difficult with their current setup. There were several remote controls for every device and devices were hidden away in closets making them difficult to control.

Control4 Home Automation

Audio Video

When we choose an amplifier for Multi-Zone Audio, we look to have the ability to control each zone independently with separate volume control and DSP for every zone. With the possibility of different types of speakers being used in every zone, a good EQ for calibration of each independent zone is extremely important to creating an amazing sound stage for each zone. Enough power is also essential for every channel in case the home owner wants to really go loud in certain zones they should have the option to do so.

Multi-Zone Audio

Home Automation

Our clients were extremely enthusiastic about the idea of using Home Automation in their residence. They felt controlling the Audio/Video would be just the beginning and hoped to eventually integrate all the features a smart home can offer. Our immediate goal though was to ensure we gave them a solution which was not overly complicated and personified ease of use. After giving them a demo of the Control4 Home Automation system and how easy the GUI makes controlling Audio and Video zones and individual rooms, they fell in love with the system.

Multi-Zone Audio

Network and Media Streaming

With the EA-3 controller’s audio output connected directly to the AudioControl M4800 4-Zone Amplifier our clients were able to stream high resolution audio from Pandora, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal to any zone. You can choose your own playlists or select from ready-made charts all through the Control4 interface and play what you want, where you want. The main router and WiFi Access point for the residence were located in the closet of the Master Bedroom.

Dallas Mansion

Final Verdict

After the setup Whole House parties or backyard get-to- gethers are a lot more enjoyable now and our clients continually rave to us how much they are enjoying the system. They are so happy using Control4 home automation in their residence, the next step is to integrate the lights and security system and add Amazon Echo dots throughout for Voice Activated Control. Stay tuned for our next visit to see the new additions we are able to integrate into this amazing Dallas property!

Products used

  • Home Automation Controller: Control4 EA-3
  • Home Automation Universal Remote Control: Control4 SR-260
  • Multi-Zone Amplifier: AudioControl M4800
  • Living Room Speakers: Sonance CR101SST
  • Bedroom Speakers: Sonance CR101SST
  • Outdoor Patio Speakers: BIC America In-Wall Speakers
  • Backyard Speakers: Episode Standard 5 inch Black
  • Powerline Adapters: TP-Link AV500

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