Control4 Intercom Anywhere is a peace of mind ecosystem which enables the home owners to connect, communicate and control the entire home from the New Intercom Anywhere Android and iOS app. Whether it is communicating with a visitor at the door, allowing guests to enter the house, creating a lighting scene or triggering an alert. All this and more are possible with the touch of a button from home or anywhere in the world.

What makes Control4 Intercom Anywhere different from the competition? Like other modern video doorbells, Control4 Intercom Anywhere lets you communicate with the visitor before opening the door. However, what sets Control4 system apart is the fact that additional customizable programming can be done to fulfill home owner’s requirement.

‘’Intercom Anywhere adds compelling everyday utility and capability to Control4 smart homes — elevating the “smart doorbell” through a comprehensive in-the-home/away-from-the-home peace-of-mind solution that unifies access control, video surveillance, security, and interactive communication’’ said Martin Plaehn, Control4’s chairman and CEO.

Communicating with your family members can be difficult at times. Phone on silent or switched off? Kids aren’t answering the landline? Babysitter not answering the call? Control4 provides new ways to communicate with family members wherein the family members can make calls to Control4 Touch Screens within the home from an app on your mobile phone or vice versa. Announce when the dinner is ready to all the family members in the house by broadcasting a call to all devices or send our important announcements directly from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are in the world.  Use the intercom app as a baby monitor and have a video call with the babysitter or check in on the baby all through the Control4 Intercom App. The possibilities are endless.

According to Control4, Intercom Anytime currently only works with Control4’s DS2 door stations however they do plan to roll out support for third party door stations in future.

For more information on Control4 Intercom Anywhere, feel free to contact us. Our Smart Home Professionals will be happy to assist.