Control4 OS 3 is here to make Home Automation even simpler and use various connected devices with ease! With more than a 1000  enhancements, this operating system makes controlling devices at home easy and fun. With various new features, OS 3 was designed to reduce complexities no matter which interface you’re using. With easy navigation, users can organize important rooms, devices and scenes. You can add your most used icons to  your main “dashboard” screen so that they can be easily accessed with fewer clicks. The favourites option allows users to take a quick glance at important devices and rooms. No matter how many devices you own, OS 3 makes accessing them all quick and simple.

  • Easy Navigation : With a few clicks check the status and control any device at home.

  • Whole-Home Entertainment : The new media bar is large and can appear at the top of your screen making it easy to see from across the room. This provides audio a prominent position on the screen displaying track details and music controls right at the front. Media sessions allows you to easily control music and videos playing anywhere in the house. You can also control audio playing in any specific room.  With a single click turn up or turn down the volume or simply turn it off. OS 3 adds native support for high resolution audio. Users can gain access to better- than-CD quality audio through streaming services like TIDAL Masters.

  • Improved UI : No matter which device you’re using, control4 OS 3 is designed to provide you with the best experience. Icons are lager and they can be easily accessed even at arm’s length. OS 3 is easy to use whether it is a smart phone, television or a tablet. Each user interface is designed thoughtfully keeping in mind how a user uses a mobile phone, television or a touch screen mounted on a wall.

  • Advanced Security : With a few clicks switch between cameras. You can also view video footage in full screen. Add important rooms to favourites so that you can gain access to security cameras in these rooms instantly. Smart locks can be easily managed with OS 3. Create a user, assign a pin and a schedule and apply the changes to all locks at home. A filter bar allows you to view all or only unlocked doors. Users can receive warning pop ups in case doors are left open.

  • Personalization : OS 3 is designed to make sure everything is connected and provide you with a personalized experience. Control any number of devices from a single platform. The favourites options allows users to organise UI based of their preference. With a wide variety of wallpapers, users can add different wallpapers for different rooms or even add their own personal photos. From favourite rooms, items, lighting, scene editing, wallpapers and more OS 3 provides home owners with complete control and personalization.


  • Experience Control4 OS 3 at Avenue Sound’s Kemps Corner and Navi Mumbai locations