Add a touch of intelligence to your home.

Whenever we discuss our new home, what's the first thing that comes to our mind? The design process? Things like, deciding the color palette you will be using, the room decor & styling, and so on...right? But why do we only focus upon design aesthetics the most? How about also adding a little intelligence to our [...]

Are smart homes a necessity or luxury? Should you invest in a smart home?

Hearing the term 'smart home' itself makes us wonder whether smart homes are affordable? And even if affordable, is it worth investing in building a smart home? Sure, smart homes have become the new trend in recent times but do they offer any convenience or is it just another 'show-off expense'? Let's find out! With the [...]

3 Smart Lock Comparisons: Keep what’s yours, yours

Smart locks and security systems are improving day by day letting you secure your home like never before. With so many smart security options available, picking the right one can be difficult. Hence, we narrowed down a few options so that you can keep safe what’s most important to you.   Yale Smart Lock: Access the [...]

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Let Your Smart Home Help You Take Care Of Your Loved Ones

In this age and time both Women and Men are equally busy in their professional arena. How does one get the sense of security of their left behinds? Children, elderly people, assets and home appliances. Does leaving your loved ones into the hands of the unknown bother you?What about when you’re at work, away on [...]

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