Projection Screen


Most homes which go under renovation budget for some sort of Audio/Video upgrades or perhaps even Home Automation. The smart home has certainly become more of the norm now. Our clients for this Byculla, Mumbai apartment were no exception. They planned to renovate their entire apartment and wanted to future proof themselves for atleast the next 10 years, taking advantage of everything modern technology can offer them to make their home safer, more efficient and more entertaining.


Audio Video

Having young children in the family, one of the foremost goals for this residence was going to be a large projection screen which allowed sporting events, movies and kids entertainment to be displayed on the largest viewing surface which fit the space in the main living room of this residence. Once the screen location was finalized, projector placement and speaker placement created its own set of challenges

Home Automation

Home Automation

Our client wanted their new home to be smart and ready for any future technologies which could be on the horizon. Control4 was our brand of choice because it allows us to easily integrate the Audio/Video, HVAC, Lighting and Fans, and Security into one application.


Networking and Media Streaming

A strong network is crucial to any integration, especially one with 4K Native Streaming Content, high resolution security cameras and the emergence of AI and AR. We always use Ubiquiti Networks in our installations to ensure we receive the highest data transfer rates and most stable solutions.

Smart Security


One of the rising trends which seem to be a part of any new integration we do is Home Security. Our clients for this project were certainly no exception. They were very interested in cameras which were inconspicuous and did not stand out so someone does not get that eerie feeling that they are being watched all the time. They also wanted security for their front door entrance to know who is entering and leaving.


Final Verdict

Security and Automation work seamlessly together with the help of the high speed network and the client has been future proofed to easily integrate future solutions. The Audio experience impresses anyone who hears it thanks to the natural and superior performance capabilities of the James Loudspeaker Small Aperture series. The Epson Projector in tandem with the Screen Innovations Solo Pro Projection Screen are an ideal fit for the space, and are able to deliver a reference quality image after being orbited into place from a twenty four foot distance from each other, no matter the lighting conditions.

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