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These High-tech gadgets for your bathroom are sure to amaze you!

With the revolution of automation, it was only a matter of time before the Internet of Things extended its reach into the bathroom. The rising awareness about climate change and the need for water conservation, has led to rise of the smart bathroom. Check out some of most innovative technology available. 1. U by Moen [...]

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The Office of the Future: What is a Smart Workplace?

Automation has spread its wings to include work spaces, which has led to the development of digital or responsive offices, or simply put,” The Smart Office”. The idea is to integrate technology into the physical space as well as the employees’ workflow to improve their experience, increase productivity and decrease costs. This may sound [...]

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5 Reasons Why Google Chromecast is a Great Buy!

Remember the time we used to watch our favorite shows on cable TV, looking at schedules and dreading the add breaks? We can’t imagine how we did it! When Google launched the first Chrome cast in 2013, they transformed our TVs from randomized content to a completely personalized, user controlled streaming service, and at $35, [...]

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Living with Home Automation…and Loving it! A Woman’s Point of View

When my husband wanted to install a Home Automation system in our newly renovated apartment, I admit, I was not as excited as he expected me to be. In my head I imagined a lot of tearing down of newly furnished rooms and re-arranging furniture , all to do things that I had anyway [...]

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Smart Coffee Maker – Mr Coffee Coffee

Ithink anyone who loves coffee , will agree, that there is nothing quite like that first sip , in the morning. I can't imagine starting my day without it. But , more often than not, as a full time working mother of a very energetic five year old , I have had to settle [...]

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