Google Home and Amazon Echo are two of the most popular smart speakers. If your confused between the two read to find out which one’s better for you.

Amazon Echo, a smart speaker with intelligent personal assistant by Amazon powered through Alexa for voice interaction, music playback, weather, news update, set reminders, make to-do-list and other real time information. Echo is cylindrical in shape with top half inch of the unit rotating to control the speaker volume and also has a ring which lights up when the device is activated, mute button allows the microphones to be turned off.

Like Echo, Google Home is a voice activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant allowing users to listen to music, look at videos or photos, receive news updates entirely by voice, schedule calendar appointments and many more information. Google Home is cylindrical in shape with 4 LED’s on top for visual representation of it’s status. Top surface sports a capacitive touch panel which can be used to play or pause music and adjust the volume.

Amazon Echo can be used as a Home Automation hub to control several devices. Google Home also has integrated support for Home Automation to control smart home appliances and multiple devices can be placed in different rooms to sync music playback. Both the devices require wireless internet connection in order to work and do a good job in intelligent personal assistance, Entertainment and as a Home Automation hub.

Amazon Echo has a louder and superior sound quality but Google Home has better bass. Both Amazon Echo and Google Home do not have inbuilt batteries, thus requiring constant connection to a power source. Google Home is better for music synchronization as it supports multi-room audio so you can group multiple speakers to play simultaneously in multiple rooms of your house however Echo can’t do that yet. You may want to consider the Amazon Echo dot primarily because you get the dual functionality if voice activated commands and better sound by connecting its audio out port to a fuller speaker setup.

Amazon Echo can be used as a Bluetooth speaker whereas Google Home doesn’t have any input jack or Bluetooth however can be connected to external speakers through Chromecast. Echo can be integrated to Fire TV and Home can be connected through Chromecast. The latter allows to watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix and videos on YouTube. Echo has an advantage of starting early hence has ever growing list of 10000+ skills compared to 100 Actions of Google Home.

Want to order a pizza or need to call an Uber? Echo can do it for you with ease. Need cooking assistance? Google Home can do it better as the company announced 5 million recipes with step by step instructions. With the latest upgrade, Google Home now supports multiple users and voice recognition. Amazon Echo can not only add events to your Google calendar but can also extract travel information from your gmail which even the Home can’t do.

Both Home and Echo can make calls and message but needs improvement. Former can make actual calls to certain regions however the latter only allows calling to Alexa devices. Amazon’s Echo functionality is proven and has grown since the actual launch two years ago. Google’s Home still has to catch on various fronts but can’t be underestimated since Google has own voice control system, Google Now, installed on Android phones since Jelly Bean. Only the future updates can decide on who is going to be a clear winner.