Do you use more than one Alexa-enabled device? Chances are you’re not aware of many of Alexa’s features. Get the most of your smart speaker with these 12 Amazon Alexa hacks. We are sure you’ll not only save time but also have fun and simply live smarter.

1. Train Alexa to Recognize your voice

It can get frustrating when Alexa fails to understand what you’re saying. Hence, training Alexa to recognise your voice surely does help. To do this, open the app on your phone, Select menu  > Settings > your voice. You’ll need to say 25 different phrases. Then try using Alexa when you are roaming around your house. We are sure Alexa will understand you now!

2. Change Alexa’s voice

Amazon Alexa hacks

Alexa can speak in a variety of languages other than English. Additionally, It can also speak in a different accent. To change Alexa’s voice simply open the app and select the device you wish to apply the changes to. To change the language settings, select language from the drop-down menu.  

3. Enable parental controls

Amazon FreeTime

Amazon provides users with a service called FreeTime. Most importantly, it allows parents to restrict content, hours of usage and shopping access. It also provides you access to kid friendly Tv shows, books, educational apps and more. To use FreeTime, open the app and go to settings and select the device to which you want to add parental control.

4. Control Alexa from a different account

Amazon Alexa hacks

Sometimes multiple users at home use Alexa. You may want to listen to your favourite tunes even though Alexa is not synced to your profile. Find out which profile is in use simply by saying “Alexa, which profile am I using?” If you wish to switch profiles, you can say “Alexa, switch profile”.

5. Use Alexa as an Intercom

You can use Alexa to make an announcement in any room. Provided that room has an Alexa device in it. For example, if you wish to send a message to someone in the bedroom, you can say “Alexa, drop it on the bedroom”.

6. Flip a coin

Where the two of you should you go out for dinner? Which movie should you watch? Whose turn it is to do the dishes? Settle arguments within seconds. Amazon Alexa lets you flip a virtual coin. To do so, simply say “Alexa, flip a coin”.    

7. Cheer up with Alexa

If you are feeling low, Amazon Alexa is here to help. The ‘’Cheer up!’’ skill provides you with Fun quips, honest advice and inspirational quotes. Want to be entertained? You can ask Alexa to tell you a joke or ask you a riddle.

8. Use it as a night light

Alexa night light

Additionally, your smart speaker can be used as a night light. The light ring on the device will be illuminated if you say, “Alexa, open night light”. 

9. Customized news updates

As soon as you wake up, get new updates that suit you best! You can do this by customizing your flash briefing. This can be done by going to To do so, open the app on your phone and select the side menu. Select Settings > Flash Briefing. If you want to know what’s going on ask Alexa what’s new. Then, based on your customization you will be provided with top headlines.      

10. Protect purchases

With the help of simple voice commands, you can shop on Amazon using Alexa. However, you may not want others to have this option. You can set up a four digit code or disable voice purchasing all together. To do so, select the Voice Purchasing option in the settings.

11. Check in while you’re away

Amazon Alexa hacks

Keep an eye on your loved ones even when you are away. If you have a smart security system, you can use it with Alexa to see if the alarm is armed or if the front door is locked. To know more about Smart Security, click here. We hope these 11 Amazon Alexa hacks will help you use your smart speaker to its full potential!