Whenever we discuss our new home, what’s the first thing that comes to our mind? The design process? Things like, deciding the color palette you will be using, the room decor & styling, and so on…right? 

But why do we only focus upon design aesthetics the most? How about also adding a little intelligence to our home? Make your home smart enough to cater according to your preferences for a fully personalized experience? Let’s delve a bit further into this. 

With the rise of smart appliances & smart gadgets these days, we are no longer living in a period where self-driven cars or traveling in outer space are still concepts. We can actually see these concepts become a reality! Similarly, smart homes have taken their roots in many households now and with this growing trend, a lot of households are adapting the smart home technology. It’s no longer considered a luxury, but is gradually becoming a necessity. Especially with smart security features like intrusion detection, motion sensors, smart cameras, smart door locks, etc…

Ensure maximum safety at all times with Smart Security.

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Imagine, the lights switch-on automatically whenever there is any unwanted intrusion in your house. That will definitely startle the intruder and cause them to run away. Smart cameras capture & save all detected motion activities that are noticed within its range, 24/7. And every time there is a motion detected, you receive alert notifications on your smartphone or any other device of your choice. Smart video doorbells even allow you to communicate with the visitor at your doorstep. This way, you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world.

Have a habit of losing house keys?

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Well, you can lose them for good now. Door-locks these days can be easily accessed using passcodes, biometric recognition and can be locked/unlocked using a smartphone or even a smartwatch. Add or delete users to grant them entry & give them limited-time access to your property. Receive alert notifications, track & monitor entry/exit log, etc. 

Here are a few example videos from our recent projects that show how smart secuity works.

Tap on the above video to watch, ‘How a smart door lock works.’ 


Tap on the above video to watch, ‘How a smart video door bell works. 

What smart features can be used for entertainment & leisure?

So, you’re back home after a hard day’s work & are bone-tired. All you want to do is, sit on your couch, switch on the TV and stream your favorite content. The ideal process – walk to the switchboard to turn the lights on, walk back to grab your TV remote, also your AV system remote, air-conditioner remote and finally when you’re back on your couch after this tedious drill, you realize you forgot the set-top box remote control! Argh! What if you could do all this with a single touch on your smartphone? Automation hubs allow you to create & save personalized scenes & curate them according to your needs. For example, you can set your air-conditioner to switch on automatically a few minutes before your arrival time so that you don’t have to return to a stuffy house. Or, just say, “Hey Google, turn on Amazon Prime”, and have your air-conditioner switch on, watch the lighting brightness go dim (to create a more relaxed ambience), the TV switches on & your entire setup is ready within a few seconds with just the right ambience you need. This way, you can customize multiple scenes for different day-to-day activities and save your time & energy from mundane tasks. For these everyday routines automation proves to be the best choice here. 

For example, in one of our showrooms in South Mumbai, we have customized the entire setup in a way that every morning, all that our sales representative has to do is, say, ‘Alexa, good morning’ and with a single voice command, the lights come on, the AV setup gets ready, the air-conditioner switches-on, and the demo TV display comes into its position automatically! 

Automation has made my day-to-day life easier with its remote access feature. It gives me the ability to access & monitor our showroom from anywhere..be it lighting or security, everything is at my fingertip, says Mojesh Timothi – Sales at Avenue Sound, Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai IN. 

Helping elderly & disabled.

Unfortunately, elderies & physically challenged people become heavily dependent on others to carry out day-to-day activities. Automation here proves to be the most beneficial for the elderly & physically-challenged people. There are so many things such as lighting, climate control, entertainment, security & much more… that can be remotely controlled using simple voice commands.

Can smart home technology help save on energy bills too?

Smart homes offer eco-friendly solutions in the form of smart lighting & intelligent climate control, which helps you save on energy bills. Like, motion sensors will do their job of automatically switching off the lights or air-conditioner in case the room is empty (for more than a certain amount of time). And automatically switch on the lights & activate climate control once motion is detected. Automation apps allow you to monitor & track your energy consumption & helps you adjust your daily usage accordingly. 

Final Verdict: 
Smart home technology may seem a little over-budget but is definitely worth every dime spent. You don’t have to follow all the smart home trends in order to create a perfect smart home. Rather, design your solutions in a way that meets your daily needs. That’s the whole concept of building smart homes. Not to just make it intelligent but also useful as per our needs. Our suggestion would be to discuss your requirements with home automation experts and decide which smart home features will prove to offer you the most benefits in your day-to-day activities. 

Are you planning to upgrade your home to a smart home but don’t know where to begin? Feel free to call us at our toll-free number at 1-800-121-8625 to discuss your requirements or visit our showroom in Mumbai, to explore & experience smart home features for yourself. Believe us, you’ll love it! 

If you need any further information on this topic, please feel free to write your questions in the comments section below and we will be glad to assist you with your queries.