We can now connect our daily devices with one and other and the internet. This makes daily tasks a whole lot simpler. Smart homes and the Internet of things has made our life easier, safer and convenient. As technology advances we can expect home automation and artificial intelligence to help us in unimaginable ways. Take a look of the latest smart home trends.

Faster Wi-Fi Means a Smarter Home 

Can you image never having to worry about the internet lagging in certain corners of your home? Put an end to buffering videos, poor video calls and other struggles bought by slow network. You can now build the fastest Residential Wi-Fi with 10G Solutions by Ubiquiti. The UniFi XG 6-Port helps you expand your network’s speed and connectivity. UniFi devices are sure to provide you with fast and stable network throughout your home. You can now get 700 Mbps-plus of wireless internet speeds, reliably, without any dead spots.


smart home trends

Some smart home trends are here to stay. Home zoning focuses on individual rooms of your home. Sometimes, the same climatic conditions may not be required in all the rooms of your house. Here’s when programmable thermostats and smart lighting devices comes handy. Room-by-room comfort is the way to go. With the help of your smart phone, you can now control devices in any room no matter where you are.

Better Healthcare

AI has not only benefited traditional health care but also in home health. Smart home devices and healthcare automation can reduce the strain on health care systems. Wearable devices can help us to lead a better lifestyle. People can monitor their activity levels, sleep patterns and nutritional intake. Some devices allow us to remotely connect with medical practitioners or alerts care takers when an elderly or sick faces a health emergency in their home. Information collected by these smart devices at home can be useful in the medical field. This is due to the fact that it can offer continuous insights into the condition of the patients.

Specialized Devices

The number of devices that make use of machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and other technologies have increased. These devices can be customized to suit a user’s lifestyle. For example, smart home thermostats by Nest adapts the behavior of house hold members. The observed habits are then replicated by the device. we can expect to see more devices that use AI such as facial recognition becoming a feature of home security systems. These security devices can now recognize friends and family members thus avoiding theft. 

Décor-friendly Gadgets

smart home trends

Do you have smart devices that clash with your home décor? Companies are making sure their home automation devices not only look nice but also blend into the room style. Smart thermostats, smart keypads, audio-video devices need to be aesthetically-pleasing. James Loudspeaker focuses on high-performance custom audio solutions. Almost all their products are built from scratch and can be customized to blend in any living space. The Frame by Samsung is a smart digital television that resembles a piece of artwork on wall when not in use. How can good design and aesthetics be avoided in the modern home?