As we are all in the midst of a pandemic, working from home and staying indoors can sometimes be challenging. From grooving to your favourite tunes to working to earning an income, here’s how a national lockdown can be made easier with the help of a smart speakers and entertainment devices.

Leon’s HiFIT Soundbar

Advancement in technology has provided many people with the opportunity to work from home. Video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Google Hangouts allows employees to stay connected with ease. Further, the HiFIT sound bar is a perfect option for those who wish to elevate their video calling experience. This high-performance soundbar and mini AV component rack lets you discreetly store small devices like amplifiers, Apple TV, Amazon Echo Dot, small video conferencing cameras and more. All these components are neatly cancelled behind a custom-width grille. 

BIC America’s DV 32 bookshelf speaker

These smart speakers stand out in terms of performance and efficiency. When it comes to size and price, they outmatch any other speaker model. The DV32 makes an Ideal option for use with all surround and music formats. These speakers are compact and can be mounted easily without having to purchase extra mounting brackets.  

Smart speakers

Sonos Speakers

Sonos takes smart entertainment to the next level with its clear, richly-detailed sound. Easily connect these wireless speakers to your WiFi and create the sound system you want. These smart speakers can be controlled using your voice, your remote, the Sonos app and Apple AirPlay 2. The best part is, it only takes a few minutes to set up Sonos speakers! When WIFI isn’t available, switch to Bluetooth mode and stream  music from your favourite app. They work with all services you know and love such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon music, Apple music and many more.    

James Loudspeaker’s custom audio solutions

They focus on high-performance custom audio solutions for residential and commercial spaces. They aim at meeting unique needs of their customers. Almost all their products are built from scratch and can be customized to a great extent. This can be as simple as a special paint color or as complex as an building an entire new product. Built with the aim of minimizing appearance, their products provide a flawless entertainment experience without disrupting the ambiance of the surrounding area. Their products can be seamlessly integrated into any environment with ease.

RBH Sound Ultra-1 on-wall speakers

RBH Sound’s audio devices are known for their performance and aesthetics. This versatile on-wall speaker is sleek and has a contemporary design with a magnetic mounted black fabric grille complements any décor. At only 1-5/8-inches thick, 18-inches tall and just over 6½-inches wide, it fits almost anywhere you can pull a wire through a wall. It is sure to provides users with excellent acoustic detail and great sound quality in locations previously unobtainable. These smart speakers can be places such as cement, plastered, block or brick walls, or the rental that won’t allow holes cut to mount a traditional in-wall.

Smart speakers