Smart locks and security systems are improving day by day letting you secure your home like never before. With so many smart security options available, picking the right one can be difficult. Hence, we narrowed down a few options so that you can keep safe what’s most important to you.  

  1. Yale Smart Lock:
Yale smart locks
Access the Nest x Yale lock with the Nest app

The Nest x Yale smart lock is sleek, stylish and easy to use. It features a keypad on the outside allowing you to access the lock without using a key. Access can also be granted to other users with the help of an access code which can be added from anywhere using your smart phone. The access code can soon be deleted once they are done. You have a few options from the inside: You can turn on the deadbolt or you can lock/unlock the door with the help of an app. From the outside you can choose to access the lock using the keypad or the app. The keypad can be disabled by activating the “Privacy mode”. You can also set the lock to automatically lock after a certain period of time.  

Being a smart home product, smart locks can be integrated with the rest of your home. Nest does not integrate well into other smart home systems like the HomeKit. If you use HomeKit or any other smart home system, you’ll have to either be fine with the lock not being compatible with other products, or opt for a different smart lock altogether.


  • Safe, convenient and easy to use
  • Can be controlled using an app
  • Easy set up


  • Expensive
  • Limited smart home integration

2. August Smart Lock:

Both, the August smart lock and the August smart lock pro can be accessed using the August App. It  has a unique feature called DoorSense. You can be alerted if the door is opened, closed or ajar. Since you can access the lock using your phone, August provides users with a lost phone feature. You do not need to worry about the safety of your home in case you lose your phone. You can disable the August mobile app and use physical keys or download the August app on another device. The lock can be controlled using Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Home but this requires the Wi-Fi connect bridge. It is advisable to purchase the Wi-Fi connect bridge as this hub will connect to your Wi-Fi router providing you features like voice activation and remote access. Without the bridge the lock functions more like a short range Bluetooth lock. The lock is also compatible with few other smart home platforms such as Nest, Xfinity, Wink and a few others.


  • Easy Installation
  • DoorSense Sensor
  • Remote access and Voice command compatibility (This requires the Connect Wi-Fi bridge)


  • No Smart hub compatibility
  • Three-month battery life 

3.  Baldwin Smart Locks

Smart locks

The Baldwin smart lock can be accessed with the help of a lock. The app can be used to access the lock, manage eKeys and monitor the locks activity. Ekeys are digital keys that can be sent to a person via email. They can provide users with different levels of access to your home. You can provide users with admin privileges (Admins get 24/7 access and they also create new ekeys and manage existing ones). Fobs, a keyless remote can be used by those who do not have a smart phone. When the lock senses the presence of the fob, and the holder touches the lock, it will unlock. The app cannot be used to manage the fob and if it is misplaced it needs to be electronically reset to wipe out its access privileges.      


  • Robust hardware
  • Available in different styles


  • You need to buy a fob for family members who do not have smart phone
  • You need to buy a Kevo Plus Bluetooth-to-Wi-Fi bridge in order to connect to the internet