If you add smart appliances and devices you can control from anywhere, your home will feel more livable and more automated. Tested hundreds of smart home products across more than 20 categories to find the best ones. 
It is possible to install smart home systems either wirelessly or hardwired-or even both. It is easier to install wireless systems. Creating a wireless home automation system, which has features such as smart lighting, climate control, and security, does not require much money to install, and the cost of installing such a system can be several thousand dollars. Want to know what’s trending these days? These are a few of the best Products we are working with now.

G3 Flex Camera

CCTV systems are the most common element of ensuring safety as it enables one to monitor the space where it is used and with advancement in technology, we have a plethora type of CCTVs available in the industry but only a few standouts and Unifi’s G3 Flex is one of it. The reason why we prefer G3 Flex over the traditional camera is because of the high performance and robust operation makes it works well throughout the night and day with crisp 1080p video, and it has IR sensors for better visibility at night. The compact size and the flexibility of mounting it anywhere allow one to put the camera on-table, on the indoor wall, on the outdoor wall, on a pole, or even put them in or on the ceiling. It also has a built-in microphone to record audio in a one-way pattern. It has one of the simplest yet most powerful UI which is convenient for any age group to view live feed and watch recorded data, user can do it from anywhere around the globe ensuring that the user and the premises where the cameras are installed have an active internet connection.

Ekey Biometric Scanner

CCTV helps us with surveillance and monitoring, whereas the Access Control device as the name defines, controls the access of users. Biometric Scanner is nothing but a digital key to access the house which uses a fingerprint as the key which is one of the safest forms of identity in today’s time. Ekey is considered the most innovative access control solution because of its compact design, robust operation, lighting response time, and accuracy. System Integrators love Ekey because of the technical specifications, but Architects love Ekey because of the aesthetic as it gives ample options to select on how it looks. It is also Europe’s No.1 Fingerprint Access Solution because of the above-mentioned features. With Ekey, integration with Smart Homes equipment is not a maze and can be done smoothly and it also unlocks tons of features after integration. With Smart Devices integrated with the access control, users can define certain actions to occur when one fingerprint is used and the same can be done for another fingerprint.

Enttec DIN Ethergate

We all understand that LED Lights are the future of Lighting technology. There is a specific application where changing the colours of the LED Lights is required, and DMX comes into the picture as it is the protocol that is used between the Smart Homes controller and LED lights. The enhancement in DMX has evolved in a way that earlier the controller and DMX gateway used to only work when hard wired with each other but today, the same can be achieved over ethernet by using Enttec’s Ethergate which eventually eliminated the limitation of using DMX for RGB Lighting anytime and anywhere.

Intesis AC Interface Gateways

How does lowering your utility bill sound? Probably great. With smart thermostats, you can adjust the temperature in your house through your phone or by simply using a voice command to your smart home speaker. Smart thermostats also can learn when to heat or cool based on outside temperatures, and when people are at home or away. You’ll likely want to start by looking at Intesis AC Interface Gateways which is highly popular in integrating with Smart Homes using KNX protocol.

Doorbird Smart Video Door Phone

Earlier we talked about CCTV and Access Control and the hybrid version of the combined application of the two is called Video Door Phone. It allows users to monitor as well as empowers them to unlock the door from any part of the work. DoorBird is the perfect example of a smart video door phone. It is integrable with numerous Smart Homes controllers. DoorBird stands for the combination of exclusive design with innovative IP technology in the field of door communication. It offers intercom connectivity within the house and the building and is widely used across 160 countries since 2010.