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Rythmik Audio F8-BO (Black Oak Grain) Dual 8 inch Subwoofer

/////Rythmik Audio F8-BO (Black Oak Grain) Dual 8 inch Subwoofer
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Rythmik Audio F8-BO (Black Oak Grain) Dual 8 inch Subwoofer


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Sealed Audiophile Sub with Dual 8″ Drivers (Black Oak Grain)

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Product Description

The home subwoofers for audiophiles with the need to play up to upper bass

For audiophiles looking for uncompromising accuracy in both bass and upper bass frequency range and higher crossover frequency up to 250hz, our Rythmik Audio F8-BO (Black Oak Grain) Dual 8 inch Subwoofer is the ultimate choice. It features two light cone weight 8″ drivers with our Direct Servo technology to ensure accuracy and definition. This sub is designed to effortlessly play up to 250hz . While there are already many subwoofers on the market which can play deep bass, their sound quality and transient response degrade as the frequency goes up above 120hz. F8 is a home theater subwoofer that can cover more than a decade of frequency range of servo control from below 20hz to 250hz.

Direct Servo Technology

You may have heard about other servo subwoofers which are generally well regarded for their accuracy. It is a well established technology, most often based around an accelerometer which measures cone movement. Our Direct Servo technology has significant advantages over other servo technologies. We use a sensing servo coil which acts like a microphone which compares the original signal to what the subwoofer is actually reproducing. The signal is then corrected instantly to compensate for any differences. Once you understand the concept, you may wonder like we do why anyone would make a subwoofer any other way.

Rythmik Audio F8-BO (Black Oak Grain) Dual 8 inch home Subwoofer

General Features

  • Patented Direct Servo technology
  • 8″ light weight cone mass high excursion driver
  • Solid and very inert enclosure available in a range of finishing options
  • Bass extension controls allowing adjustment of bass extension and excursion control
  • Selectable 12/24 db/octave crossover filter slope
  • Mini-XLR connection for better noise immunity (using mini-XLR input)
  • 120V-240V switchable power

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