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Pakedge NK1-WC-W7-15AP

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  • Pakedge NK1-WC-W7-15AP

Pakedge NK1-WC-W7-15AP

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Pakedge NK-1 Wireless Access Point Controller for use with W6 and W7 APs (15 AP license)


Product Description


The Pakedge NK-1-CG1 Wireless Controller is a management appliance that resides in the network for complete network management. Designed for high performance wireless networks with three to thirty wireless access points (WAPs), the controller enables the following:

  1. Optimizes the performance of the wireless network
  2. Simplifies, automates and accelerates wireless network setup
  3. Centralizes and simplifies network maintenance and management

The Pakedge wireless controller is first and foremost about optimizing the wireless network performance. This is accomplished through a series of Pakedge adaptive wireless technologies and intelligent algorithms, including Pakedge SmartWav™ (interference management), Pakedge TruStreamTM (traffic management) Pakedge SectorMaxxTM (signal management), and Pakedge FluxxTM (power management). In addition, the controller supports fast secure roaming in the WK and WX wireless access points. These adaptive wireless technologies work together to unify a team of access points to work together in conjunction with one another, creating a more seamless wireless environment with fewer dead zones between APs.

Wireless network setup, configuration and maintenance is easy with the Pakedge controllers. Onboard visualization tools, such as the Pakedge WAP Map and the site survey tool, facilitates WAP placement and interference mitigation. Once the WAPs are mounted and connected, the entire Pakedge wireless network can be deployed in minutes with the Easy Wizard – a step by step interactive and automated guide that walks through the entire process through a very simple interface.

A status dashboard, displayed immediately upon login, shows all the key and relevant information in one view, including detected WAPs, their online status, MAC address, and network information. The controller provides comprehensive information about the wireless network, including specific devices, connected clients and any device events. This enables the technician to know the exact state of the wireless network at any time, including historically, to facilitate troubleshooting and tuning through six types of reports – summary, detailed, custom, connected clients, client history and device events.

The Pakedge NK1-CGx controller can support up to 30 WAPs. It is offered in a 3, 7, 15 and 30 WAP license configurations. WAP device upgrade licenses are available and sold separately. In addition, the controller is offered in two base models – one that supports the W6x/W7x WAPs and one that supports the WKx and WX WAPs. The two base models are not interchangeable – the W6x/W7x model cannot support the WK/WX WAPs.

Ideal for:

  • Installations with 3 or more Wireless Access Points
  • Project requirements specifying centralized wireless network management
  • Projects in challenging RF environments requiring constant management
  • Projects requiring remote access and management of wireless networks


  • Supports up to 30 WAPs
  • Advanced wireless network performance optimization with SmartWav, TruStream, and SectorMaxx
  • Supports fast secure roaming (802.11k/r)
  • Easy Wizard rapid WAP deployment tool
  • Visual based installation planning tools – WAP Map and site survey
  • Six reporting levels

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