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Monster Cable 126100-00 GameLink 200(10 Feet)

//Monster Cable 126100-00 GameLink 200(10 Feet)
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Monster Cable 126100-00 GameLink 200(10 Feet)


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Audio/Video Hookup of Playstation 2 to TVs and AV Receivers

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For improved A/V performance with your Sony PlayStation 2 game console, replace your “out-of-the-box” cable with this high-quality upgrade from Monster! The GameLink 200 features composite video and stereo audio connections for hooking up the PS2 to just about any TV or A/V receiver. 24K gold-plated, 8-cut Turbine® RCA plugs ensure maximum signal transfer and a secure connection.



Duraflex Protective Jacket: The blue Duraflex jacket provides greater durability and years of worry-free gaming.

Heavy-Duty Double Shielding: This cable is doubled shielded with 100% mylar foil and 95% copper braid for maximum rejection of RF and EM interference.

Nitrogen Injected Gas-Dielectric Insulator: The dielectric material used in this cable maximizes video signal strength for the best possible picture.

Super Fine Multi-Stranded Copper Center Conductor: This type of center conductor delivers lower loss, super linear video bandwidth to 550MHz.

24K Gold Contact Connectors: The connectors are gold plated to maximize signal transfer and resist corrosion.

Dual “Balanced” Conductors for Left and Right Channels: The dual conductors deliver life-like, balanced sonic reproduction.

Advanced “DoubleHelix” Low Noise Construction: The dual tightly twisted conductors in a helical configuration are designed to reject electromagnetic noise.

Patented “Bandwidth Balanced” Multiple-Gauge Wire Networks: Separate high and low frequency wire networks are used for deeper bass and more realistic sound from special effects and music.


Playstation 2 Connection: The single A/V cable has a 12-pin male connector on one end that connects to the Playstation 2 console. The other end of the cable splits out to three RCA connectors each having separate color bands around the end; yellow for video, blue for left channel, red for the right channel.

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