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Marantz PM-11S3

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Marantz PM-11S3


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Reference Series Integrated Amplifier

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Product Description

Music Matters, the Marantz Reference Series PM-11S3 stereo integrated amplifier is designed to bring out all of the sonic detail of your favorite recordings and it provides unparalleled connectivity options for just about any audio source. The powerful amplifier section features our exclusive V/I Servo system that delivers wide bandwidth and rock-solid operational stability, and the PM-11S3 is rated at 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms and a solid 200 watts per channel into 4 ohms for compatibility with the widest range of speakers, and it features the options of bi-wire and bi-amp operation.
General Features

HDAM SA3 Module: This unit includes the HDAM SA3 which had been developed for high-end models. The HDAM SA3 is incorporated into many components, such as the current feedback phono equalizer, balance buffer, and input buffer.
Constant Current Feedback Phono Equalizer: This unit incorporates the constant current feedback phono equalizer which had been developed for high-end models. This equalizer, developed by marantz, has the advantages of both NF-type and CR-type phono equalizers, and it supports both MM and MC cartridges.
Linear Control Volume: The control knob had adopted the high-end model design concept. For better S/N ratio, the MAS6116 from Micro Analog Systems and the HDAM SA3 have been combined, which enables smooth adjustment in the range of 0 to -100 dB
Tone Control Amplifi er: The electronic tone control amplifi er is provided for adjustment of bass (low frequency) and treble (high frequency) sound in units of 2 dB in the range of -8 to +8 dB.
Dual-Amplifi er Structure: Amplifi er of this unit has dual structure, voltage amplifi er and power buffer, adopting high-end model design concept. This dual structure enables the power buffer amplifi er to drive the speakers powerfully, preventing infl uence from the back electromagnetic force from the speakers. The voltage amplifi er drives the power buffer with superlow distortion.

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