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Control4 C4-WALL10-1-WH

  • Control4 C4-WALL10-1-WH

Control4 C4-WALL10-1-WH

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T3 Series 10” In-Wall Touch Screen (WHITE)
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Product Description

The Control4 T3 Series In-Wall Touch Screens deliver always-on, dedicated control over all the technology in your home or business. Featuring gorgeous, low-profile designs with edge-to-edge glass and stunning, high-resolution graphics, these touch screens look amazing on any wall. All models include HD video intercom and crystal-clear audio intercom for convenient communications from room to room or with visitors at the door.


  • Available in 7″ and 10″ versions, the T3 Series In-Wall Touch Screens provide dedicated and elegant control of your home.
  • HD camera combined with high-quality speakers and microphone provide the best intercom experience yet.
  • Crisp picture with two and a half times the resolution of previous models.
  • Extremely fast and responsive—up to 20 times faster than our previous touch screens.
  • Compatible with virtually any new or existing home with options for power (AC or PoE) and network connectivity (Ethernet or WiFi).
  • Video intercom integration with the following door stations and touch screens: Door Station (C4-DSC-EN), T3 Series Tabletop Touch Screen (C4-TT7), and legacy touch screens (C4-TW7CO, C4-TSMC7).
  • Audio intercom integration with the door station and the following touch screens: T3 Series Tabletop Touch Screen (C4-TT7) and legacy touch screens (C4-TW7CO, C4-TSMC7, C4-TSWMC5, C4-TSWMC7).
  • Easy to upgrade—T3 Series In-Wall Touch Screens are compatible with legacy Control4 touch screen back boxes.

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