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Controller Accessories

////Controller Accessories
  • Control4 C4-1UREK-BL

    Control4 C4-1UREK-BL

    1U Rack Ear Kit, HC-800

  • Control4 C4-1URMK2-B

    Control4 C4-1URMK2-B

    1U Rack Mount Kit, Dual HC-200 Shelf (No Vent) – EOL

  • Control4 C4-2URMK-B

    Control4 C4-2URMK-B

    2U Rack Mount Kit, HC-300 – EOL

  • Control4 C4-AK-3M

    Control4 C4-AK-3M

    3-meter Wireless Antenna Kit

  • Control4 C4-CBL3.5-DB9B

    Control4 C4-CBL3.5-DB9B

    3.5mm to DB9 Serial Cable

  • Control4 C4-CBLIR-BULK

    Control4 C4-CBLIR-BULK

    IR Emitters – 5 Pack

  • Control4 C4-CBLIRF-BULK

    Control4 C4-CBLIRF-BULK

    IR Emitters with Optical Feedback- 5 Pack

  • Control4 C4-EA1RMK1-BL

    Control4 C4-EA1RMK1-BL

    1U Rack-Mount Kit, Single EA-1 Controller

  • Control4 C4-EA1RMK2-BL

    Control4 C4-EA1RMK2-BL

    1U Rack-Mount Kit, Dual EA-1 Controller

  • Control4 C4-EA3RMK1-BL

    Control4 C4-EA3RMK1-BL

    1U Rack-Mount Kit, Single EA-3 Controller

  • Control4 C4-EA3RMK2-BL

    Control4 C4-EA3RMK2-BL

    1U Rack-Mount Kit, Dual EA-3 Controller

  • Control4 C4-NWA11G-USB

    Control4 C4-NWA11G-USB

    USB WiFi Network Adaptor