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Outdoor Home Theater and Multi Zone Audio for prime beach front property in Alibaugh

This installation was especially challenging because we are not working with speaker placement in a small room anymore. The client wanted a portion of their Outdoor Garden converted into a 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Entertainment Experience. They also wanted separate zone music which can be wireless streamed to other areas of their Outdoor Garden. Our biggest challenge at this stage was not reflections or flutter echo which can be problematic in small rooms, but rather ensuring a select sound stage in such a large open space. We also needed to ensure our bass and low frequencies were not airy and loose, but effectively processed and balanced with our main speakers throughout the Outdoor venue…Read more..

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Avenue Sound-wonderful! Very efficient,prompt,helpful advice and so courteous. Thank you.

– Mrs. Kirpalani

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Multi-Zone Audio for Upscale LifeStyle Store in Santacruz

As with most commercial installations one of our key goals was to precise clarity and sonic accuracy but still not upset the interior elements of the commercial space. To have our speakers blend and not obstruct the commercial elements of the many floors of the showroom, we strategically placed our BIC America MSR-PRO6 In-Ceiling Speakers in the corners of each of the interior floors of this six storey establishment. The corners helped accentuate the low frequencies but still provide the stereo imaging and clarity while customers navigated the establishment…Learn more..