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Multi-Zone Audio for Upscale LifeStyle Store in Santacruz

As with most commercial installations one of our key goals was to precise clarity and sonic accuracy but still not upset the interior elements of the commercial space. To have our speakers blend and not obstruct the commercial elements of the many floors of the showroom, we strategically placed our BIC America MSR-PRO6 In-Ceiling Speakers in the corners of each of the interior floors of this six storey establishment. The corners helped accentuate the low frequencies but still provide the stereo imaging and clarity while customers navigated the establishment. In-Ceiling speakers helped overcome major acoustical issues which would have been faced with surface mounted speakers, especially considering that acoustical treatment would have not been possible inside the interior showroom spaces…Read more..

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Avenue Sound-wonderful! Very efficient,prompt,helpful advice and so courteous. Thank you.

- Mrs. Kirpalani

Things to Know Before Investing in 4K

4K TV is finally a serious proposition, thanks to more 4K Ultra HD TVs in the market, a wider choice of screen sizes and a drop in the average price. And we finally have some 4K content. 4K Ultra-High Definition (Ultra HD or UHD) will define the future of television – a future that we take one step closer towards every day…Learn more..