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Dedicated Home Cinema for Penthouse Apartment in Versova

The placement of speakers in relation to the seating location is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring this room would get a good sense of envelopment and seat to seat consistency. We wanted to ensure every seating location in the room was well within the sound stage. Also that no one speaker was too close to the listener so that he may be able to localize that speaker and his listening experience would be out of sync compared to other listeners in the room…Learn more..

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Avenue Sound has carried out an exceptional job in consulting and building my home theatre. Their work is outstanding and the best in India.

- Arfeen khan

Outdoor Home Theater and Multi Zone Audio for prime beach front property in Alibaugh

This installation was especially challenging because we are not working with speaker placement in a small room anymore. The client wanted a portion of their Outdoor Garden converted into a 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Entertainment Experience. They also wanted separate zone music which can be wireless streamed to other areas of their Outdoor Garden. Our biggest challenge at this stage was not reflections or flutter echo which can be problematic in small rooms, but rather ensuring a select sound stage in such a large open space…Learn more..

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Avenue Sound India was a pleasure to deal with Ashish and his staff are very professional and courteous. From recommending the right product that fits your needs, to following up post installation, Avenue Sound puts customers at the forefront of its mission. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for home entertainment systems or Car entertainment!

- Kunal Dalal