Home Automation FAQ’s

Below are a few of the most frequent questions we get asked by our Home Automation Clients. We wanted to share these questions with you in hopes that we can shed some insight on [...]

Automated Lighting Control

How will I control my lights? Do I lose manual operation? Your lights can be controlled in several different ways. The easiest is through keypads or lighting switches which can be placed throughout your [...]

Next Generation Controllers from Control4

This January, just ahead of the Famous ISE Show in Amsterdam, Control4 decided to launch their new EA Series Controllers. So what is an automation controller and what does it do for your home [...]

Why the Apple TV is a Must Have for Every Home?

When someone hear's about the Apple TV for the first time, they automatically assume Apple has entered the television manufacturing market. The Apple TV was so named because it transforms your television into an [...]

4 Tips for Selecting Your Perfect Home Audio System

Ahome audio system can make every day just a little more enjoyable in your home. Whether you like to entertain in your home theater or listen to music while cooking and cleaning, your home [...]

Is Your Home 4K Ready?

There has been a lot of talk about 4K Ultra High Definition content over the past few years. We have finally reached a stage where 4K is becoming main stream and we have enough [...]