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Ashish started his career in the information technology sector, but soon discovered Avenue Sound was his true calling. And avid Home Theater Enthusiast, he is very passionate about the A/V and Home Automation industry. Constantly reading up and keeping himself up to date, Ashish ensures every interaction with Avenue Sound is a quality one.

Home Automation – You say Lazy, I say productive

Every advancement that humans have ever made was an attempt to replace an old process or product with one that does more or works better. Since the invention of the first stone tools, invention and improvement have been what separate us from any other animal in the history of the world. The idea of [...]

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Powerline Adapters…Lifesavers when you just cannot run that Ethernet Wire

Ever want to add something to your home network and wish you had run an extra cat6 cable to that location? Well we wanted to share a great little device which will help you stay wired without ripping apart your walls to run a cat6 cable. Powerline adapters are a great little device which [...]

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What’s the Future of The Internet of Things

Smartphones, wearables, voice and gesture control vie for marketshare amid entrenched touchpanels and keypads. Lets weigh pros and cons of each. The most important part of any home technology system is its interface. If a user is confused on how to operate his lighting, music, television, alarm system or shades, the chances are he [...]

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4 Considerations When Selecting Flooring for Your Home Theater

When crafting your perfect home theater, every design element should be considered. The TV installation, audio system setup, seating, lighting, and room décor can all have a major impact on the comfort of the room and the quality of the home theater experience. While it is often addressed as an afterthought, the flooring can [...]

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The 10 Best Devices to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

With the Internet of Things here to stay many home owners are joining the smart home revolution. We see a lot of newly renovated home incorporating home automation and wanted to share a few products which we think truly enhance the smart home experience.   Control4 EA Series Controllers   These new controllers can [...]

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Automated Lighting Control

How will I control my lights? Do I lose manual operation? Your lights can be controlled in several different ways. The easiest is through keypads or lighting switches which can be placed throughout your residence or commercial establishment. These lighting switches or keypads can be programmed to operate a single light or even group [...]

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Next Generation Controllers from Control4

This January, just ahead of the Famous ISE Show in Amsterdam, Control4 decided to launch their new EA Series Controllers. So what is an automation controller and what does it do for your home automation system? Think of the controller as the brain of your automation system. It is what you communicate with when [...]

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